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SBB Binajaya Sdn Bhd started as commercial fit out company acronym to Salient Bespoked Builder, it has later expanded its expertise to undertake medium size construction work & project management contract. SBB Binajaya Sdn Bhd is a CIDB G3 Registered Company and qualified for WELL Building Standard.


Translating Design Language into Workplace Well-Being & Effective Space Use

Influenced by the increasing real estate costs for businesses and challenges in hiring, SBB Binajaya aims to help companies improve workplace efficiency through creative space utilization and adaptations to accommodate the new workforce — Millennials & Generation Z.

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WELL Building Standard

Answer To Sick Building In Malaysia


Air Mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems contribute to one of the most significant factors in sick building syndrome in Malaysia. As a tropical country with high humidity and rainfall, poor indoor air ventilation is often neglected, resulting in the foul smell of bacteria breeding, which ultimately leads to low building occupancy.


With the changing workplace environment, buildings often fail to respond to the needs of occupants when it comes to artificial lighting. At its simplest form, understanding human-centric lighting can result in stimulating human interaction and enhancing productivity efficiency within a building.


Acoustical comfort within an enclosed space can be hindered by sources such as HVAC systems, servers, and machinery, which may impact productivity and focus. Unfortunately, acoustic privacy is often compromised due to cost constraints during construction, resulting in the transmission of conversations between rooms.


Thermal comfort is a critical factor that impacts individual motivation and focus. It's important to note that not everyone will feel equally comfortable under the same conditions, which poses a challenge to achieve universal satisfaction. To address this, thermal conditions should aim to achieve a baseline level of satisfaction for the largest number of people through human-centric thermal zoning.


Physical activity and active living foster a strong relationship among building occupants by creating and enhancing opportunities for interaction, ultimately improving occupant satisfaction. Spaces such as vibrant pantries or hot-desk working areas can facilitate this interaction.



Understanding specific needs  of our customers

We take customer feedback seriously and use it to improve our services and ensure that we are meeting our customers’ needs.